Social Responsibility for Growth and Development

Social Responsibility

At VibroSystM, we understand the importance of having an active role in the development and future of our youth. As part of society, it is important to encourage the growth and education of the future generation. This is especially true when we consider that it is those youth who will be joining the workforce and replacing us in the near future.

The Cost of Education

With all this said, we must remember that education is expensive. One starts to wonder how they are to succeed with the ever inflating costs of education. states (in the USA): “…Ask any family with post-secondary students and they will tell you just how outrageous are the costs of college education today.” Global News has reported that the cost of tuition in Canada has increased by 40% alone in the past 10 years.

Supporting Our Youth

Sometimes the only way to counteract the cost of education is through constant donations, grants, and sponsorships. It is always good to know that there are always opportunities to contribute to the development of our future workforce. We have all heard the adage of “children are the future.” What would we do without them? We would most likely struggle. This is why we need to support them, and it is just a matter of making the right selection of who and what to support.


VibroSystM (Back) & (Front, left to right) Valentine Zeni, Julien Dionne, Catherine Gaboriault of the Polytechnique Montréal’s Formula SAE Baja 2016-2017 team.


Our Values

We value education. It is the key to developing a skilled and innovative workforce to ensure a strong economic outlook worldwide. This is why VibroSystM was delighted to have received visitors from Polytechnique Montreal who stopped by to show off their hand made/engineered SAE Baja vehicle. Members of the team came by to thank VibroSystM for its recent sponsorship. Our participation assisted the engineering students in developing this vehicle. We were really proud to be part of this great initiative as this aligns with our goal of having an impact on society with efforts to encourage growth and development in the science and engineering fields.

VibroSystM also donates to the “Fonds de développement de l’ÉTS” on a yearly basis. This is a scholarship program, managed by the university, for anyone in the field of engineering. We do not just stop at grants and scholarships. We also employ students as part of a work training co-op program as well as providing necessary resources to further learning and encourage the engagement of students within engineering.

To date we have supported the following institutions:


As a closing note, we would like to congratulate the team as they placed 6th overall, out of 110 teams! What an exceptional outcome and an amazing reward for all their hard work! This surely was not an easy task!

Don’t forget to check out the SAE Baja Polytechnique Montreal’s Facebook page

“Mud? We eat it!” says the introduction to the video found on the SAE Baja Polytechnique Montreal’s Facebook page.


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 Social Responsibility - Mathieu Cloutier, CEO
Julien Dionne, Student of Polytechnique Montréal, describing the capabilities of the Mini Baja car. Mathieu Cloutier, CEO, ensuring the safety of his employees and testing out the Mini Baja car first.
Social Responsability - Josée Poudrette, Production Supervisor Social Responsability - Enzo Cloutier, Co-Op Student
Josée Poudrette, Production Supervisor, posing before a ride. Enzo Cloutier, employee: “What a blast! Can I take it for another spin?”


About VibroSystM

VibroSystM came into existence in 1986 with a capacitive technology as a reliable solution for the air gap monitoring of hydroelectric machines. The requests that followed, expressing the need to adapt VibroSystM systems to other types of large rotating machines, reflect that customers are more than satisfied with their experience resulting from VibroSystM’s expertise. The ability to expand monitoring diagnostic technology and services to a variety of equipment helped position VibroSystM at the forefront of the industry.

VibroSystM is pioneering the way that condition monitoring is being done with the ZOOMWatch platform. ZOOMWatch is an online 24/7 asset management tool for condition monitoring. For more information about ZOOMWatch, contact our Sales department by email at

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