Factory Acceptance Tests for L&T-MHPS

Factory Acceptance Tests for NTPC’s Khargone Ultra Super Critical Power Plant

A Factory Acceptance Test, more commonly referred to as a FAT, is a type of user acceptance test that is performed by the client with the vendor. User Acceptance Tests ensure that everything is in order before the final product is delivered. At VibroSystM, no system leaves the premises without having a FAT performed.

Factory Acceptance Tests, VibroSystM, Longueuil, Quebec – Papon Ghosh and Réal Laplante verifying the ZOOM system Cabinet
Verification of components before leaving for the NTPC Khargone Ultra Super Critical Power Plant.

Photo credit: Justin Michaud, VibroSystM

Getting down to the Factory Acceptance Tests

Papon Ghosh, representing L&T-MHPS India, visited VibroSystM this week to validate Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) before our ZOOM system is moved to its destination site. All questions and concerns that Mr. Ghosh had were addressed by our team of expert technicians. Mr. Louis-Pierre Lalonde and Mr. Réal Laplante from VibroSystM were essential with the verification of the system ensuring that the client’s needs were met.

L&T-MHPS is an exclusive partner of Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems in India. L&T-MHPS is a joint venture of MHPS Japan.
For more information, details about NTPC‘s Khargone Ultra Super Critical Power Plant can be found on L&T-MHPS’ website.

Mr. Ghosh had this to say about his visit:

“Montreal/Longueuil is a very nice place to visit. Everyone at VibroSystM has been extremely friendly and very welcoming, especially all the assistance that Mr. Marc (Bissonnette) and Mr. Réal (Laplante) provided while on site. A big thank you goes out to the whole team at VibroSystM for making this possible.


Factory Acceptance Tests - ZOOM system cabinet - Unit 1 Factory Acceptance Tests - ZOOM system cabinet - Verifying the checklist Factory Acceptance Tests - ZOOM system cabinet - Unit 2 front Factory Acceptance Tests - ZOOM system cabinet - Unit 2 back Khargone FAT Questions - Real Laplante, Papon Ghosh Factory Acceptance Tests - Marc Bissonnette, Papon Ghosh, Réal Laplante

Delivery is scheduled for the end of August 2017!
Next step, installation, and commissioning.

We will see you soon!



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