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It is common knowledge that a TSI (Turbine Supervisory Instrumentation) System and a SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) System should be part of any power plant. The GSI (Generator Supervisory Instrumentation) System is also becoming a standard when it comes to collecting information on the condition of a generator.

This is where VibroSystM’s ZOOM Software Suite comes in.

Connected to any of the above mentioned systems, the ZOOM Software focuses on the generator side of the power plant and provides its users with a clear, real-time picture on the condition of their assets in any operating mode. It is composed of various acquisition services that give users the possibility of monitoring vital parameters on their machines. 

VibroSystM takes client feedback very seriously and continually searches for ways to make its monitoring solutions even better by listening closely to ZOOM system users in order to adapt these solutions to their specific requirements.


Proof of this are the new main features of ZOOM:

Feature allowing the triggering of alarms using FFT’s for the monitoring of core end-winding & machine vibration
ZOOM SM200: a new acquisition service for monitoring shaft current and voltage
New graph display for the ThermaWatchRotor providing detailed pole temperature used to verify rotor thermal balance
Static exciters noise rejection
Partial discharge pattern recognition and theoretical associated faults
Broken gear tooth parameter for gear-driven mills
Configurable filters for maximum shaft displacement values (Smax)


Designed by a unique supplier, ZOOM is the only system available that can perform the following tasks:

Detect abnormal rotor rim expansion, stator movement and distortion1
Detect early stages of stator core and frame component loosening2
Detect loose or defective wedging, end-winding support systems, and stator winding insulation problems
Detect stator core delamination and overheating rotor poles
Detect steel throat liner deformations and abnormal turbine unbalance
Evaluate generator misalignment problems
Evaluate rotor/stator stiffness
Identify water flow anomalies
Measure axial shaft movement
Monitor thrust pads
Prevent bearing anomalies and deterioration
Detect rotor shorted turns
Detect stator bar and end-winding deterioration
Detect unwanted shaft currents
Detect anomalies in switchgear and brushes

In addition to the most reliable equipment and first-rate services supplied by VibroSystM, ZOOM provides its users with the necessary tools to monitor the state of a machine, to detect any deterioration in condition and determine its cause, and to predict failures.

The result is the minimization of machine downtime and the maximization of profitability.



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