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    Marcus Evans Annual Hydro Maintenance Conference

    Join us in Seattle where Mr. André Tétreault will help you on how to effectively manage your generating assets using an AGMS paired up with the intuitiveness of ZOOMWatch. With ZOOMWatch, you get direct access to the condition of your power generating assets, backed by 30 years of machine diagnostics & data analysis, case studies, and proven results. Join Mr. Randy Wallman for an informative overview of this new tool and find out how you can streamline your workflow and start saving right now.

    November 01 to November 03, 2017
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    NHA HPC Fall Retreat 2017

    Meet us at the 2017 NHA HPC Fall Retreat.
    Hosted at The University Union at Sacramento State, 6000 J Street, Sacramento, CA 95819.

    Industry stakeholders, plant owners, and asset managers take note! Mr. Randy Wallman will showcase ZOOMWatch, a 24/7 online asset management tool for condition monitoring. You won’t want to miss his presentation. ZOOMWatch will help you to streamline and simplify your asset management process.

    October 17 to October 19, 2017