Upcoming North American Tour Dates 2017

VibroSystM is committed to providing you with information to better manage your machines, we will be attending the following industry events in North America in 2017 in order to pass on our data interpretation expertise.



HydroVision International
June 27-30
Denver, Colorado, USA


Past Events:

EPRI – TGUG Turbine Generator Group
January 16-20
Memphis, Tennessee, USA

March 7-8
Indian Wells, California, USA

International Conference of Doble Clients
March 12-17
Boston, Massachusetts, USA

NHA National Hydropower Association
May 1-3
Washington, D.C., USA


Should you like to meet us, please contact Mr. Marc Bissonnette at m.bissonnette@vibrosystm.com.

We will continue to plan our attendance at other industry events worldwide and will provide updates about our activities.

See you there!





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