EPRI Winter Steam Turbine Generator Workshop


EPRI, the Electronic Power Research Institute, is a non-profit organization that researches, develops and demonstrates products related to the energy sector that benefits the public. Every year, the EPRI Winter Steam Turbine Generator Workshop is hosted every year, in which it focuses on current trends, asset management best practices, employee safety and other topics of interest.


EPRI Winter Steam Turbine Generator Workshop Banner Image - Disney's Coronado Springs Resort, Janurary 15th-19th, 2018


Event Details:

Who: Marc Bissonnette and André Tétreault
EPRI Winter Steam Turbine Generator Workshop, Turbine Generator Users Group Meeting & Vendor Exhibition 2018
Coronado Springs Resort in sunny Orlando, Florida
When: January 15 – 19, 2018


What you will gain by attending the EPRI Winter Steam Turbine Generator Workshop

Are you a stakeholder? An asset manager? A maintenance engineer? The winter Steam Turbine Generator workshop is meant for people to establish peer-to-peer industry relations as well as make OEM/Vendor contacts. The Turbine Generator Users Group aims to help its participants find solutions for operational and maintenance issues that can arise in their plants.

We will be at this workshop participating in the discussion about things we have seen and experienced. We value high-quality information and service, as you should too. As such, we are sending our best, because you deserve nothing but the best. Our Test and Diagnostics Director, André Tétreault, will be presenting a technical paper on “Generator diagnostics – Asset Management Tool.”

Technical Paper “Generator diagnostics – Asset Management Tool”

Every part of an energy supply chain is important, but the most critical part is this chain is the generator. If your machine does not turn, it does not produce energy. It’s that simple. We have focused on the large rotating part of these machines for over 30 years and have seen the damage that can come from neglect or lack of knowledge of what to do when an issue arises.

The technical paper will discuss the advantages of having a generator diagnostics system in place, how to best use it, and how such a tool will assist with asset management.

If you want to stay informed on what is happening and where choose VibroSystM. All of our instrumentation is made in-house, tested rigorously and extremely precise. We are experts in the industry and our service speaks volumes.

Experience a return on investment with ZOOMWatch

Need another reason to visit us at the event? Ask us about the ZOOMWatch Program. This is an asset management tool that we have developed. It takes the knowledge and service of our team that we have gathered over the past 30 years and packaged it in an easy to use and streamlined interface. Don’t just see it, experience it, and find out what an ROI truly feels like.

Discover how our ZOOMWatch interface simplifies the information coming from our RIS reports. The quality of the information we provide is integral to the health and lifespan of your machines.


The math is simple. What’s the secret formula?

Generator asset management + ZOOMWatch Program = Efficient operation and planning.

Stay informed with VibroSystM.


For more information please contact Mr. Marc Bissonnette at m.bissonnette@vibrosystm.com
Looking forward to meeting you in sunny Florida!




About VibroSystM

VibroSystM came into existence in 1986 with a capacitive technology as a reliable solution for the air gap monitoring of hydroelectric machines. The requests that followed, expressing the need to adapt VibroSystM systems to other types of large rotating machines, reflect that customers are more than satisfied with their experience resulting from VibroSystM’s expertise. The ability to expand monitoring diagnostic technology and services to a variety of equipment helped position VibroSystM at the forefront of the industry.

VibroSystM is pioneering the way that condition monitoring is being done with the ZOOMWatch platform. ZOOMWatch is an online 24/7 asset management tool for condition monitoring. For more information about ZOOMWatch, contact our Sales department by email at sales@vibrosystm.com.

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EPRI Winter Steam Turbine Generator Workshop

Why should you attend?

Industry stakeholders, plant owners, and asset managers will benefit the most from meeting with us. Visit our booth and ask us about the ZOOMWatch Program. Find out how you can benefit and experience a return on investment by using ZOOMWatch, the 24/7 online condition monitoring asset management tool.

January 15 to January 19, 2018


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