Software Architect

Position Summary

Please note: The masculine is used to lighten the text only

The Software Architect will implement a software solution and define the technical aspects required for the design of a new monitoring platform for high-power rotating machines.

Working with the R&D team, this person will be required to provide software architecture and a technical roadmap for the components that make up the core of the product.


Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Provide architectural and technical guidance;
  • Elaborate the software segmentations of the project;
  • Revise and/or advise on development standards;
  • Advise, provide guidance and propose software solutions;
  • Orient the evolution of the implemented solutions towards maintaining stability, robustness, and performance of the products;
  • Take part in the elaboration of the software solution specifications within the scope of the specifications given by the system designers;
  • Collaborate to the growth and development of the application architecture within all levels including front-end, middle-tier, back-end, services, integrations and API;
  • Supervise the development team;
  • Collaborate with the team to remove technical barriers and resolve issues or inconsistencies with regards to requirements or implementation;
  • Provide assistance to other departments to support the product;
  • Collaborate with the project stakeholders, through all stages of the software development, from design and planning, to development and testing, until the delivery;
  • Document the work done during each stage of the design, according to the rules established by the department.


  • University diploma in computer science or computer engineering;
  • Minimum of 5 years experience in software solution architecture;
  • Bilingualism (French and English) written and spoken;
  • Good knowledge of application architecture models;
  • Experience in software development;
  • Excellent analytical mind and diligence;
  • Autonomy in the execution of tasks;
  • Good communication skills and team spirit.


  • Experience in applications development in the industrial sector;
  • Experience in acquisition and database systems;
  • Knowledge of the basic concepts of electricity.


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