Electronics Technician


The Electronics Technician performs the trials, the calibration and if necessary, the repairs of diverse analogical and digital products sold by VibroSystM Inc.



  • Perform the functional tests, such as tension and current verification, assembly visual inspection, etc., of the finished and
    half-finished products in accordance with the established norms;
  • Conduct the characteristic calibrations and verifications of the finished products with the assistance of the specific software in accordance with the established norms;
  • Perform the non-routine testing (climatic, power surges, dielectric, etc.) with the help of the provided specific instructions;
  • Fill out the various trial forms and identify the non-conformances;
  • Address and repair, if applicable, the products found to be faulty throughout the different tests;
  • Do the final assembly of the products following the conformity tests;
  • Carry out all other related tasks.



  • Collegiate studies diploma (DEC) in Electronics or equivalent;
  • Proficient in the Office software suite (Word, Excel);
  • Capacity to work with computers (Window environment), multimeters, function generator, oscilloscopes. etc.;
  • Have a positive attitude;
  • Good team work capacity and ease of communication with colleagues;
  • Able to be autonomous and thorough;
  • Adapt easily to changes in a growing environment.


  • Functional English;
  • Experience in a similar position;
  • Sound knowledge on the configuration and the functioning of computers.

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