3D Artist


VibroSystM, a company operating in the hydroelectric, turboelectric, and mining sectors, is searching for a dynamic 3D artist in order to develop cross platform interactive communication tools, under the supervision of the Creative Director within the Marketing Department.



  • Create and animate 3D content, including the following tasks:
    – Project analysis (preproduction) in terms of logistical techniques;
    – Modeling: the creation of sculpted 3D forms (products, machines, locations) starting from plans, drawings, existing images, and photographs;
    – Fitting and texture: Cover the modeled, sculpted forms with the appropriate materials;
    – Lighting and rendering: colors, lighting intensity, shades, virtual camera positioning;
    – Animation: motions and displacements of objects and special effects.
  • Work in collaboration with the programmers and the 2D-3D creative team;
  • Provide the programming team with easily incorporable animations in the different mobile platforms and Windows environment;
  • Create 3D objects in order to integrate them into different marketing communication platforms.



  • Good knowledge of the techniques and tools needed for the realisation of 3D projects: modeling, fitting, lighting, rendering, and 3D animation;
  • Proficiency in the main 3D software (Autodesk 3ds Max and/or Maya and Photoshop);
  • Expertise in Premiere Pro and After Effects;
  • Autonomous and good team work ability;
  • Good communication skills;
  • Practical English.


  • Knowledge of 2D graphics software;
  • 2-3 years’ experience;
  • Bilingual.


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