Air Gap Monitoring

Turbine Clearance Monitoring

Online Rotor Pole & Interpole Temperature Monitoring

High Voltage Temperature Monitoring

Magnetix Flux

End-Winding Vibration


Precision & Reliability

In order to give our customers a precise prognosis on the condition of their machine, data accuracy is essential. VibroSystM sensors were all designed to withstand the harsh and robust variety of environments they are to be installed in, without compromising the accuracy needed to correctly monitor and protect your machine.



Air Gap (Rotor/Stator)

The VM series sensors are non-contact capacitive sensors that measure the distance between the rotor and stator. They were specifically designed to provide reliable and constant information about the machine’s air gap.

Oil Film Clearance

The PES eddy current proximity probe is designed for non-contact measurements of relative vibration, displacement and axial positioning. The probe is equipped with built-in conditioning circuitry and protected to be fully operational in oil. Since it requires no field probe drivers, it can be directly connected to processing instrumentation.

Turbine Clearance

The SPES is a submersible non-contact proximity probe designed to measure the distance between the probe tip and a metallic target surface. This probe can accurately detect and monitor turbine blade tip clearance, while withstanding high levels of underwater pressure.

Magnetic Flux

Magnetic Flux

The MFM magnetic flux measuring system monitors magnetic field density and detects imbalances that contribute to machine vibration, overheating and excessive stress on the rotor and stator. The sensor can be installed without removing the rotor or the poles.


High Voltage Temperature

The FOT fiber optic temperature sensor was developed to monitor temperature in generator end-windings, isophase bus bars, exciter brushes and knife switches. Its robust design makes it suitable for explosive and high voltage environments.

Stator Temperature

The TWS ThermaWatch stator sensor is a real-time multipoint temperature sensor for the stator core and windings. It provides valuable information about the thermal behavior of a stator core, especially the hot spots or shorted laminations.

Rotor Pole Temperature

The TWR ThermaWatch rotor sensor is a fast-response non-contact sensor that measures rotor pole and rotor pole joint temperature. Although small in size, this high speed temperature sensor allows for the comprehensive analysis of the condition of the rotor.

Absolute Vibration

End-Winding Vibration

The FOA fiber optic accelerometer was designed to measure vibration amplitudes of high voltage components that are exposed to electrodynamic and mechanical stress, such as stator end-windings. Its robust design makes it suitable for hostile environments.

Stator Core, Guide Bearing Radial & Axial Vibration – Turbine Cover, Spiral Case, Draft Tube, Bulb Nose Vibration

The VSM797S is a piezoelectric accelerometer designed to measure absolute vibration in harsh industrial environments. This sensor was developed to ensure accurate results throughout the entire operating temperature range.

Relative Vibration

Shaft Radial Displacement, Stator Frame & Axial Displacement

The PCS capacitive proximity probe was designed for non-contact measurements of relative vibration, displacement and axial positioning. Its exclusive capacitive measuring technology makes it unaffected by conductive or semi-conductive target material types, therefore requiring no field calibration.

Stator Bar Vibration

The SBV stator bar vibration capacitive sensor was designed for non-contact in-slot measurements of stator winding vibration. Built to be immune to strong magnetic fields, this sensor provides reliable and accurate information on bar vibration and displacement.


Creep Detector

The DMV rotor creep and speed detector is a non-contact sensor that detects and annunciates slow rotor motion and measures rotational speed.

Custom Solutions


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