Alarms autonomously managed

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Alarm levels for locally

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Combine all your quality control data acquisition units in one single space, and simultaneously monitor all the critical parameters on your machine.

Acquisition Units


ZOOM Monitoring Cabinet

Our ZOOM cabinet comes pre-wired, fully tested and complemented with as-built drawings for a fast and effective on-site installation.
Its robust design keeps VibroSystM’s monitoring hardware protected, extending its longevity.


Protection, Monitoring & Analysis Unit

ZOOM Processing Unit

The ZPU-5000 is a multi-channel acquisition instrument designed for monitoring and protecting large rotating machines. Available in both a network (with a ZOOM controller) and standalone configuration, the ZPU-5000 can simultaneously monitor multiple parameters and communicate with the ZOOM software.


Analysis Unit

Partial Discharge Analyzer

The PDA-200 is an acquisition unit dedicated to partial discharge measurement. Data is transferred to a remote ZOOM Controller for storage, viewing and analysis.

Custom Solutions


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