Data Analysis & Diagnostics Course for the Hydro Industry

Hosted by Avista at their Spokane, WA headquarters.

Please join us in Spokane, Washington on November 17, 18 and 19, 2015 where our Tests & Diagnostics Manager, Mr. André Tétreault, will be presenting this 3-day Course.

VibroSystM’s (3) three day data analysis & diagnostics course will show you how the investment you have made in machine condition monitoring will translate into a key stepping stone to improve your hydro asset performance. This course will provide you with the necessary tools to view, analyze and diagnose various hydro machine anomalies, help you commission newly refurbished machines, enforce warranty terms, and better manage your valuable machines for years to come.

A wide variety of case studies ranging from small to large hydro units will be presented and examined throughout the course.

Powered by ZOOM software- Zero Outage Online Monitoring
Rotor shape and position inside stator shape. Quickly identify critical air gap locations and associate its value to industry standards

Day 1

  • Introduction to dynamic air gap monitoring terminologies and standards.
  • Introduction to data acquisition and correlation of various sensory data to simplify analysis
  • ZOOM Software : exclusive tools and techniques. Specific case studies from various hydro machines globally

Day 2

  • Specific training on how air gap, vibration, rotor temperature, flux and other sensory parameters are used
    to evaluate the health and dynamic behavior of your rotors and stators
  • Introduction to basic vibration monitoring and strategies for extracting maximum benefit from these sensory parameters
  • Rotor and stator behavior during transient conditions such as field application, unit cycling, over speed tests, etc. Specific case studies from various hydro machines globally

Day 3

  • Advanced vibration monitoring training including acceleration and velocity interpretation
  • Sensor calibration, data collection & interpretation
  • Increased focus on a variety of global case studies from hydro machines, small to large
  • How you, as a utility, can use this technology to improve your asset performance

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We look forward to seeing you in Spokane, WA in November!


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