Certification for Santo Antônio Energia, Brazil

VibroSystM had the pleasure of welcoming engineers and technicians from the Santo Antônio power plant for the 1st phase of a certification process on the ZOOM monitoring system. We are extremely satisfied with the fact that the attendees considered it to be of the utmost value for them and sincerely appreciate their positive comments.


“At the end of the 1st phase of the certification, not only do I take back to Brazil a wealth of knowledge, but also a feeling of having made great friends. This only confirms my perception about VibroSystM in regards to its integrity, product quality, commitment towards its clients and technical qualification of its specialists.

Best regards to the VibroSystM team! We are looking forward to the 2nd phase of the project in Brazil.”

Rodrigo Hernandes Machado Alves

“The course was very good, both in terms of theoretical and practical content. The trainer interacted very well with the trainees and always made sure that any question asked was promptly answered. All details in regards to our visit were very well planned. The entire course, from the beginning to the final exam, was also very well planned and I recommend it as it is very important for the health of a machine.”

Samuel Teixeira de Sousa


“The training offered by VibroSystM helped me get a better understanding of hydro turbine monitoring systems, especially our generating unit.”

Valdinei Guedes de Souza Ferreira


“The course content was very well explained by the trainer which helped with its assimilation. The VibroSystM team was always very attentive. The combination of theoretical and practical content was excellent.”

Diego Lemes Cardoso

The certification process is composed of four (4) phases and will provide Santo Antônio personnel with the necessary training and qualification for the installation of turbine related monitoring devices on a total of fifty (50) generating units.

We would like to thank Santo Antônio Energia for their continued partnership and we look forward to seeing them at the Santo Antônio power plant for the 2nd phase of the certification.


About VibroSystM

VibroSystM came into existence in 1986 with a capacitive technology as a reliable solution for the air gap monitoring of hydroelectric machines. The requests that followed, expressing the need to adapt VibroSystM systems to other types of large rotating machines, reflect that customers are more than satisfied with their experience resulting from VibroSystM’s expertise. The ability to expand monitoring diagnostic technology and services to a variety of equipment helped position VibroSystM at the forefront of the industry.

VibroSystM is pioneering the way that condition monitoring is being done with the ZOOMWatch platform. ZOOMWatch is an online 24/7 asset management tool for condition monitoring. For more information about ZOOMWatch, contact our Sales department by email at sales@vibrosystm.com.

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