VibroSystM came into existence in 1986 with a capacitive technology as a reliable solution for the air gap monitoring of hydroelectric machines. The requests that followed, expressing the need to adapt VibroSystM systems to other types of large rotating machines, reflect that customers are more than satisfied with their experience resulting from VibroSystM’s expertise. The ability to expand monitoring diagnostic technology and services to a variety of equipment helped position VibroSystM at the forefront of the industry.
Today, a renowned High Technology Company, VibroSystM is oriented towards providing comprehensive information, which global end-users can rely on, for the efficient management of their rotating machines.



Our business managers travel the globe in an effort to better understand our clients’ needs. They act as a liaison between clients and the technical team that is responsible for preparing an adequate and viable solution that will answer all your requirements. When taking responsibility for a project, this technical team guarantees its management until the system has been fully accepted by the client. All sales efforts are supported by a team of competent and dynamic individuals that take charge of your project from A to Z.



VibroSystM technicians provide high quality assistance and stand behind our products with service and support when our clients need it. They travel around the world installing our systems in the most remote places on the planet. On site or from our head office, VibroSystM’s trained technicians ensure that all inquiries are taken care of swiftly and efficiently. Their main focus is to assist with on-site challenges in order to maintain the accuracy and reliability of our systems. They also provide personalized training sessions that will help you and your staff get the most out of your new monitoring system.



From product specifications to technical drawings, VibroSystM engineers combine nearly 30 years of experience in the field with close client collaboration, prompting the development and implementation of high quality products that set standards in the industry. They also work closely with the manufacturing department to bring VibroSystM’s R&D concepts into reliable and intuitive monitoring solutions.



Innovation is one of VibroSystM’s most important concepts and great amounts of time and money are invested in research and development. From new products to incremental improvements of the existing ones, the skilled workforce succeeds in leveraging its growth in the high technology market. The R&D department is a large umbrella under which two teams are enlisted and interact with each other to create, enrich and assess products and configured solutions that meet the clients’ special requirements.



The specialists in our Tests & Diagnostics department analyze and correlate all the information that our systems collect and identify patterns and anomalies that are both meaningful and informative. VibroSystM’s Results Interpretation Service report (RIS) is among the many tools we put directly into the hands of our customers around the world. Whether on site or at VibroSystM headquarters, they provide clients with in-depth training sessions on how to understand their machine behavior by taking full advantage of our ZOOM software.



The Marketing department at VibroSystM is made up of a group of creative individuals who work together in order to find innovative ways to convey our message to the public.
Combining words, ideas and images we keep our clients informed about all our latest products, services and events.



Each individual in the Production department is extensively trained to understand the importance of product handling and use of calibrated tools in order to manufacture high quality products in a timely and efficient way. As we take responsibility for all the products included in our complete monitoring solutions, every single component is subjected to rigorous testing, in order to ensure that it abides by our ISO commitment to quality.