Turbo generator monitoring course in Saudi Arabia

From April 28th to 30th, VibroSystM’s Results Interpretation Specialist, Mr. André Tétreault, traveled to the Rabigh Power Station in Saudi Arabia to conduct a 3-day training course on the condition monitoring of large turbo generators.

The course focused on the analysis of data recorded in regards to stator bar and end-winding vibration, as well as partial discharge. The participants had an opportunity to learn how to correctly diagnose these crucial parameters in order to determine if corrective measures are required. These actions will lead to the increase of the efficiency, reliability and effective life span of their generators.

VibroSystM is extremely satisfied with the fact that all participants expressed how useful the course was for them and we are confident that they will be able to put all this newly acquired knowledge into practice.

We would like to thank each and every participant for their presence.



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